Monday, April 18, 2005

100$ on Cardinal Ratzinger

Oh sure, you can bet on anything these days, so here are the betting lines on who the oddsmakers think are in the hunt for Pope:
Francis Arinze (Nigeria) 3 - 1
Joseph Ratzinger (Germany) 9 - 2
Jean-Marie Lustiger (France) 5 - 1
Dionigi Tettamanzi (Italy) 7 - 1
Carlo Maria Martini (Italy) 7 - 1
Claudio Hummes (Brazil) 8 - 1
Arinze looks in good shape according to those the set the line. Ratzinger led the final mass this morning before the beginning of the conclave, so he will be much in the minds of the Cardinals when the beginning meeting. A couple Italians in the mix in hopes of returning the papacy to their country. And the South American Hummes completing the list of 'front runners' The odds drop off to 16 - 1 for the next person on the list. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any line on our very own Nihlist. My guess is he will be waiting in the wings to assist a deadlocked conclave and then be there for them to rally around as the consensus candidate. . . . or maybe not!

OH!, It doesn't end there. Lines for the next name (Benedict at 3-1 followed by John Paul at 7-2), and how many days of Conclave (2 and 3 days are tied at 6 - 4), are also posted.

Anything to make a buck I guess.


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