Thursday, February 19, 2004

It's more then just Parking

There was an open 'community' meeting at Wilson Junior High, last night. The closing of this program has taken not only a back seat, but a 'wait for the next bus' feel as it is being overshadowed by the 10 schools on the block in Minneapolis.

The Pioneer Press reported on the meeting and mostly talked about the parking nightmare created by an adult based prgram that will now take over the whole building.

But there was a mention at the end of the article, on how this could impact the community on a more important level.

Part of the problem, some staff said, is that Wilson is the only St. Paul middle school unable to draw students automatically from nearby neighborhoods.

Kurt Schiebel, who lives near the school and is also Wilson's technology coordinator, said Wilson could have been given an attendance zone and a chance to thrive as a neighborhood school.

"As a parent who has a son saying 'Why can't I go to Wilson,' I have a hard time explaining it to him," Schiebel said.

Yes, that was my first volley, and I didn't expect to get quoted in the paper, but I am not done. I am on page 3 of my letter to the Board, and will probably post the letter here.

But the reality is, my kids will now be bussed several miles to another school, instead of being able to walk, 4 blocks. I wonder how much the transportation cost is?!?

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