Monday, February 23, 2004

Fear Factor (or Weapons of Math Instruction)

Let the games being. Bushco has begun the 'Fear Factor' campaign. It began with the Education Secretary, Rod Paige, calling the NEA a 'terrorist organization'.

Now, I don't put anything past this desperate administration, but TEACHERS. This went way too far!

Paige went on to spin off his comments with a written apology, which included the following:

"I also said, as I have repeatedly, that our nation's teachers, who have dedicated their lives to service in the classroom, are the real soldiers of democracy, whereas the NEA's high-priced Washington lobbyists have made no secret that they will fight against bringing real, rock-solid improvements in the way we educate all our children regardless of skin color, accent or where they live.

I couldn't help but think of the AARP and the medicare overhaul. If there ever was a high priced lobby out of touch with their constituents, AARP fits the bill. But that was OK, I guess, if you as the administration.

Later, GW himself climbed onto the stump as well. No plan, no program, just more fear, more scare, more intimidation.

He threatens of more taxes and increased bureaucracy, if Dems gain control. But it is GW who has created the bureaucracy on borrowed time, and borrowed money. He is the 'big spender' this year, and the Dems better not lose sight of that.

I am looking forward to the debates already. GW will struggle if he tries to throw out these many charges to his opponent directly. I really think that Bushco is so ignorant, that they have know clue how out of touch they really are.

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