Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Bush scared off by 'Centrisity' post

GW himself has Bushco spinning back off it 'Jobs, Glorious jobs' prognostication. Of course, it is not his fault:

The White House backed away Wednesday from its own prediction that the economy will add 2.6 million new jobs before the end of this year, saying the forecast was the work of number-crunchers and that President Bush was not a statistician.

GW's lip server, Scott McClellan, went on to say "The economy is moving in the right direction ... but there is more to do,"

I think what he meant to say was 'Right' direction, but I'll have to check the original transcript for that, assuming it hasn't been 'cleansed' already.

We can all add this to the Flip Flop list when they try to charge the Dems with the same.

Yellow cake anyone . . . .

You can read the rest here!

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