Friday, February 06, 2004

And the panel is in . . .

Here is the Make-up of the WMD/Inteligence panel co-chaired by former Sen. Charles Robb and retired federal judge Laurence.

Other members are:

-- Sen. John McCain, (R-Arizona) and Runner-up? to GW for the 2000 GOP nod
-- Lloyd Cutler, served as White House counsel to Carter and Clinton
-- Patricia Wald, a Democrat and Former appellate court judge
-- Rick Levin, president of Yale University, GW's alma mater
-- Ret. Adm. Bill Studeman, a former deputy director of CIA

The executive order stipulates that all departments of the administration assist the commission in its work and said that the committee would have access to the complete report of the Iraq Survey Group, the U.S. group leading the search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

GW stated the panel would have up to nine, so look for a sitting Democratic and Republican congressional member to be added.


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