Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Thanks to the RNC

I am not sure how to read this. I certainly don't think the RNC would want the Primary season to be prolonged anymore then it has to be. As long as the Dems are engaged and hogging the news cycle, GW will continue to struggle in the polls.

So why then, are Moderates and Republicans, when given a chance, voting for Edwards. The obvious answer is that of the "anyone but Bush" class, Edwards is the more moderate of the two. But that would mean that these self proclaimed GOPers are seriously considering voting for someone other then GW.

Now, in an open primary like Wisconsin, were these voters just out to mess with the system? One may think, no. When you look at the other initiatives on the ballot, the polling indicates sincerity on their part.

In an AP story this morning, some of this is spelled out:

Edwards finished far better than pre-primary polls suggested he would, his surge fueled by the highest Republican turnout of the primary season and voters who made up their minds in the last week. His deepest support was in the GOP suburbs of Milwaukee.

"That's been happening in other primaries too," Edwards said in an interview. "Republicans who would consider voting Democratic and independents are the people we have to win over to win the general election. That's why I'm the best candidate to take on George Bush."

The strong GOP turnout was boosted by city government elections in Milwaukee and a controversial referendum on casino gambling by an Indian tribe.

Now, GW and the rest of Bushco, have already set their eyes on Kerry, and have begun their first shots in their negative attack dog style. With that in mind, you would think they would have their rank and file push for the Kerry nomination, that they would want him crowned as soon as possible. This would dilute the media over the next several months while creating a vacuum in the National campaign. One that the GOP could clearly take advantage of.

It was in their best interest for Kerry to kick ass in Wisconsin, relegating Edwards, Dean, et. al. to internal bickering and the official coronation of the presumptive nominee.

Instead, we had crossover voters supporting the #2 man, creating a tighter race, invigorating both base camps, and continuing the debate in the weeks to come.

Again, I thank you, GOP, for helping out!

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