Wednesday, February 11, 2004

A-Wall to climb Part Deaux

GW released his payroll records for his service in the Guard. They actually create more questions then answers. You can read the AP version here

Two quotes from the article stand out to me:

1) At the same time, White House officials were careful to stop short of claiming that the records proved definitively that Bush had shown up for all the Guard duties he was expected to.


2) . . . . the White House has not been able to produce fellow guardsmen who could testify that Bush attended meetings and drills. "Obviously we would have made people available" if they had been found, McClellan said.

Wouldn't you think, if he was there, there would be hordes of fellow servicemen who would jump at the chance for a photo op and trip to the White House to defend GW's service. Appearently not.

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