Monday, February 16, 2004

Do you want fries with that

I woke up to This little fisking over at Shot in the Dark this morning. My point was how quick the left jumped on this, and still feel there is some credence to the comments.

This whole ANG things is, if nothing else, distracting the admin and putting them on the defensive. The late Friday Doc Dump had many chomping at the bit, presuming there would be some dirt there.

When I hear the defense of the Right on this issue, I can't help but think how hypocritical they can be. They need to use the Empathy Test more often. I am positive, if the shoe was on the other foot, they would be doing a much better job on offense, then they are on defense.

I am still hung up on GW when he made a statement that went something like this " I have been to war, and raised Twin daughters . . I'll tell you, I'ld rather go to war" Now, first, which war is he talking about going to, and also, I can already hear the chastisement from the Right if a lefty made that statement and would commment 'How DARE they trivialize war like that'.

The ANG issue will evolve into a debate on quality of service. Kerry will dilute the attempt of the Right to trump up GWs service. Oh, and when Clark is named VP, the military service issue will be one GW has to defend this time.

This election is for the Right to lose, and at the rate their going, they will probably do just that.

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