Sunday, August 03, 2008

T-Paw Joins Fray

Timmy tries to dig at Sen. Obaama during the opening of McCain's campaign office in Ames Iowa:
Pawlenty, named as possible running mate to presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, was responding to Obama's statement on Friday that he would support offshore drilling if it were the key to an energy policy compromise.

"He's put so many contingencies around it that I wonder, in fact I question, whether he would do it at all," Pawlenty said after he helped open Republican campaign office in Ames. "It may be a way for him to gain favor during the election, and tube it later because all the contingencies weren't met."
It wasn't the challenge in Obama's policy that was surprising. I mean, since we are dealing with a floundering McCain campaign, desperation is expected, but it was this comment I found humorous:
He said a vote for Obama "is the political equivalent of bungee jumping."
SInce we already know that a vote for McCain would be like continuing to beat your head against the wall, I guess I'd rather go bungee jumping.


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