Friday, August 29, 2008


With TPaw officially out (CNN reports he received the Not You call) there is talk that a corporate Jet, carrying the Governor or Alaska to Ohio, arrived last evening.
But there is a great big buzz in the Dayton area, where presumptive Republican presidential candidate John McCain is to announce his running-mate, about a private plane that arrived last night from Alaska.

John McCain and his campaign have sent a lot of signals about wanting to put a woman on the ticket.
I have spent a chunk of my morning sorting through YouTube videos of McCain and Romney attacking each other during the primaries. The more I watched, the more I convinced myself there was way too much fodder for McCain to risk Mittens being the pick. When you think of how they are using Clinton's primary words are gainst Sen Obama, you have to think that will play a roll in who McCain chose.

For now, the buzz has switched to a little known 44 year lady from Alaska, Gov. Sarah Palin.


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