Sunday, August 31, 2008


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KARE 11 (includes a KARE11 EXTRA of the 2004 Season from start to finish)
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It is hard from me to even imagine what happened in Rochester NY tonight. A drum corps I have been affiliated with for over 30 years has just broke all records and all barriers in their history. Tonight, Minnesota Brass, Incorporated placed SECOND at World Championship finals. I am so proud of my folks; I wish I could have been there.

2008 DCA Finals Scores:

01st - 97.913 - Reading Buccaneers
02nd - 96.513 - Minnesota Brass
03rd - 95.063 - Empire Statesmen
04th - 94.913 - Hurricanes
05th - 93.625 - Caballeros
06th - 93.425 - Bushwackers
07th - 90.013 - Brigadiers
08th - 89.675 - Renegades
09th - 86.763 - CorpsVets
10th - 83.738 - Rochester Crusaders

High Brass - Empire Statesmen
High Percussion - Buccaneers
High Visual - Buccaneers
High Total Effect - Buccaneers
High Color Guard - Hurricanes
Best Drum Major - David Bruni Empire Statesmen
Showmanship Award - Bushwackers Color Guard

01st - 82.750 - Alliance
02nd - 82.463 - Fusion Core
03rd - 79.225 - Chops Inc
04th - 77.438 - SoCal Dream

High Brass - Fusion Core
High Percussion - Alliance
High Visual - Fusion Core
High Total Effect - Alliance
High Color Guard - Fusion Core
Best Drum Major - Alliance

A live Forum thread of the event, including short video clips of ALL competing corps can be found at Drum Corps Planet.


UPDATE: Tom Peashy DCA Public Relations:
with this computer age, I had the scores way early... and intentionally stuck them under my clipboard as there was a large crowd in the area... (Fran appreciates that)... finally after some time... I peaked... the shock on my face must have been obvious as several around me said "is it THAT bad"... naturally I just smiled...

Buccaneers pulled off their 4-peat tonight and are a GREAT champion but in many ways, the night belonged to Minnesota... congrats to all...

This was by far the best dca finals EVER...

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