Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bayh's Veep Chances

The NYTimes discusses the risk and reward of a Bayh Veep pick. It clealr ywould put Indiana in play, but at the risk of alienating the Peaceniks of the party:
“There is reluctance in my heart, as I know there is in the other senators, to contemplate the use of force,” Mr. Bayh said, adding that he concluded “we were simply left with no other credible alternative to protect the safety and well-being of the American people.”

Six years later, Mr. Bayh is one of the leading candidates to be the running mate of the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama, associates of Mr. Obama say. But Mr. Bayh’s advocacy for the war could complicate his prospects for getting on the ticket.
I don't see this is a hindrance. There are left leaners out there like myself who continue to support the war on terror. we just have some problems with how the current administration is executing it.

Besides, intelligent people are willing to make adjustments to their positions based on new information. We won't say what we call those who are so stubborn they aren't willing to modify their positions at all, even when they are beginning to stand alone on many issues.

Anywho, the article is well worth the read, especially if you are not up to speed on Bayh's history, his dad's accomplishments, and Evan's recent successes.


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