Monday, May 05, 2008


In the much talked about puff piece on Mike over at MDE, many of us who were contacted by the AP writer are still scratching their heads. See, when Mr. Condon made initial contact, we were lead to believe this story was going to be more of an exposé exposing the exposer.

Here's what I mean, from the original media request (posted with permission)
"I know you've been critical of Brodkorb on disclosure issues. This is an aspect of his existence I'd like to explore a bit further, and I'm curious if you'd be willing to explain to me how exactly you think he's falling short in this regard."
We talked at length about my posts here, here, and here. None of the conversation made it into the story. I guess I am holding out hope that an alternate article is in the works to provide balance from the backslapping puffiness of this one. But I am not holding my breath.


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