Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twins Win

I was really tempted to turn off the game last night. Our Twinkies blew a nice lead after Boof gets shelled and Rincon couldn't close the deal in the 5th. Down 6-5 we then went through shut out baseball for the rest of the game.

I wasn't really keyed in, but as we were sitting in the bottom of the 9th, something interesting happened. The club manufactured a comeback the old fashioned way. A hit here, a bunt sacrifice there, a walk, and a stolen base while a green back was up to bat.
Delmon Young led off the ninth with a single to center and was bunted over to second by Matt Tolbert. While Carlos Gomez batted, Young stole third.

Gomez . . . drawing a walk

Up came Lamb . . . He kept his at-bat alive with a couple of foul balls off Papelbon, who hit 97 miles per hour on the gun. Gomez stole second during the at-bat, putting the winning run in scoring position.
Lamb was down on the count 1-2, fouling off a few after that. Then, CRACK, a chopper just inside the 3rd base line, enough to score both base runners and the win.

The STRIB Headline said it all; Twins' Lamb Chop - Served to go!

A scrappy, never say die, we'll fight till the end, victory. Reminded my of a Twins Club from 1991.

I'm glad I didn't turn the channel.


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