Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The GOP is so desperate they have decided to attempt a HiJack of the 'Change' slogan, and boy did they jump off the deep end:
It looks like Republicans will counter the Democratic push for change from the years of the Bush administration with their own pledge to deliver, drum roll please, “the change you deserve.”
Hmm, 'Change you Deserve'. Here is the stickler, our friend from the South has been linked all over the national blogosphere for her pointing out the TradeMark on that slogan
Americans have heard that slogan time and again.

Unfortunately, it wasn't pimped for political discourse, but to market an anti-depressant.

According to Wikipedia, the prescription drug "Venlafaxine is used primarily for the treatment of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and panic disorder in adults."

The brand name version, Effexor, is sold by Wyeth, which marketed it using the slogan, "The Change You Deserve™."
The GOP is kleptoing a slogan used to sell depression medication, seems apropos. Maybe they are just giving up already.


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