Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Duck Hunting

I'll be in the classroom all day today, and last night I had company till later than normal. Johnny's dad, 'the Colonel ' was in town so they stopped by. A career Army guy he retired from his Pentagon job in 1998. It was my first time meeting him so we had much to talk about. No shocker here, he is a diehard Obama supporter. Maybe more on that another time.

For now, I'll just have to point you to Phoenix Woman's counterpoint of Pat Condon AP puffy on MDE. From the Intro:
Condon's article read as a classic puff piece. If it wasn't for Condon's writing skills being several notches above Brodkorb's (that is to say that Condon actually writes as if he made it alive out of his seventh-grade English class), one could suspect the man known in local blogging circles as "STB" (Spawn of Turd Blossom) of having written it himself.
Hmmm, Spawn of Turd Blossom. When you think of it, that is actually a compliment. To be compared to the greatest smear artist of all time should be an honor I would suppose.

Anywho, read the whole thing, there is so much there. For me, my day is full and I need to get ready for my students!


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