Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Old -v- New

So the MNGOP mouthpiece thinks that comparing a 12 year old satire video, with 5 years of Senatorial failure is a safe bet. But again, they also thought Mark Kennedy was unbeatable.

Now, what really is strange, is I haven't found any criticism by Norm the Democrat when the book came out and the video was made, so can we presume it was OK then, but now that he is a Repubicon its not.

By the way, Mike, how is that disclosure page coming.
Under Construction - December 19, 2007

Under Construction - December 19, 2007
Is it not important to disclose what we know already, like your work as an oppo researcher for the MNGOP, or the consulting work for Bachmann and Kennedy and who knows who else. Just interesting how stealth you are, again.

Here's my disclosure page, I haven't received anything from any one, not even ad revenue or a cup of coffee. Your turn.

MDE Disclosure Page Watch, Day 91


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