Monday, March 31, 2008

Disclosing or Scrubbing

I appreciate Mike working feverishly to update his disclosure page. Unfortunately, he still isn't caught up to where he was as recently as last August. I am begining to wonder if he is sincerely follwing through on his claims of ethical obligation, or scrubbing his former involvement. Here is the baseline I am using, his page from August of last year.

Based on his current disclosure, he has been unemployed since November of 2006. I mean, since he readily admits "I have spent most of my entire professional career working in Minnesota politics and public relations." either he has made a full 180 career change, or is simply out of work.

See, the pathetic attempts by Mitch and other members of ScaifeNet to slime sites like the Minnesota Monitor, because a few pennies trickled through a couple different organization makes them sock puppets, means I get to use the same standard. THEY have decided what is acceptable and what should be disclosed. THEY have gone out of there way to negatively attack honorable people. I just ask that they expect the same from both sides.

Mike Brodkorb's 10s of thousands of dollars received directly from campaigns or via consulting firms over the years is far more egregious then a few pennies second, third, even forth hand. If the Main Stream press would simply call him out for who he is, a paid Republican Operative, it wouldn't bother me so much. But they don't they allow him to wear his mask.

So thanks, Mike, for taking some time over the weekend to edit your old disclosure page, but we are looking for current information, because as you say:
my ethics are not governed by legal interpretations. As I am a Republican operative who exposes Minnesota Democrats, I am continually aware of my responsibility to disclose any conflict that could tarnish the effectiveness of my blog. If I am hired by a campaign or political party, I will disclose it
So since you say ANY conflicts, does that also include if you are hired by a consulting firm contracted by a campaign or political party you would disclose that as well, or is that more of your word mincing. Just asking.


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