Monday, March 17, 2008

Madia, Presumptive?

What a wild ride in the 3rd. Both MNPublius and MNCR had excellent coverage. What happened? Let's take a look.

With candidates needing 95 for endorsement, Madia has 82.5 pledged with 3 Supers for 84.5; Bonoff has 51, with 15 Supers for 66. Even though 60% is needed for endorsement, what we can tell by some simple math here is that Madia is well over the half way mark, and even if Bonoff grabs every remaining Uncommitted AND flips Madia 2 Supers she still doesn't make it to 50%.

So here's where we are at. Two rock solid candidates with clear moderate credibility. One with the support of the party leaders, the other with overwhelming support of caucus goers. This is decision time for Bonoff, who still has hope for a bright future in the Democratic Party. She can prolong the fight, and hope her pledged delegates are loyal through multiple ballots, which is highly unlikely; or she can bow out gracefully and allow for the general election campaign to begin. Once people find out that Paulson is more of a Right Wing Purist than a sensible moderate like Ramstad, the voters will flock to Madia. I hope she makes the right choice.


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