Monday, March 10, 2008

Stocking Up On Litmus Paper

This weekend brought forward the true reality of the dinky tent party. Our way or the high way. Common sense Republicans aren't allowed to vote their constituency or their conscience. They must tow the party line of off with their heads. This was evident in Edina times two, and Anoka. Rep Abler fared best, missing endorcement by jsut two ticks. The other two were not only snuffed, but replaced by two purists. And although 'mitch' pretends:
“Edina is purple” is a meme
He still is forced to admit:
More Edinians voted DFL in the last few elections, it’s true; in a year (’06) where Republicans were punished nationwide
And for some reason, after two more years of economic Hell and war mismanagement he thinks that will change. Hold on to that dream ole Shoot from the Hip. We saw how well it worked for y'all in Northfield, and the general will only show the trend continue.

Meanwhile, in the 1st CD, more RINO hunting as they are already waiting their own to determine who will be the sacrificial lamb to Congressman Walz's re-election landslide!
n the quest for endorsement in Minnesota's First, it looks as if some of Brian Davis's supporters have dredged up the report cards for the Legislative Evaluation Assembly as the sole measure for Representative Demmer's record in the Minnesota House.
It would be more newsworthy if they actually had a chance at unseating the stellar 1st district Congressman, but hey don't.


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