Monday, March 17, 2008

My Irish Surnames

My dad's side is all German. Heck, I have 4 generation all resting together at the Nicollet Lutheran Church Cemetery in Nicollet County. Talk about a genealogical gold mine.

Mom's side has the Eaton/Mayflower connection, and her mother is of the English Trowbridge family. The Trowbridge's arrived in the Mid 1600's and can be traced all the way back to King Albert the Great and Charlemagne.

Then Great Grampa John, (Grampa Turkey they called him) married a fine Irish woman of the Maher Clan. Margerette's Family Tree is littered with common Irish names like Clenane (Clenhane), Mulcahy and Hagerty's.

Margerette's Grand Mother, Catherine Hagerty came to the states from County Cork soon after the Civil War ended. Most of them ended up in Rice Coutny, Shieldslville/Erin area. Here is an 1875 Census shot of the clan:The Old Catholic Cemetery In Shieldsville is filled with Irish immigrants from the turn. Records indicate she is buried there as well, but I have yet to find her, but suspect she is near her son and daughter in law who cared for her in her last days. Their graves I did find, so think I am close.

Margerette rests in Madelia, Minnesota along with Grampa Turkey's Parent's Seth and Clarissa Trowbridge. I have a long and historic connection to Southern Minnesota.

So to the Clenanes, Clenhanes, Mulcaheys, Mahers, and Hagerty cousins I must have all over the world, Happy St. Patrick's day from a fellow Irishman, even if it is only an 1/8


Bluestem Prairie pays tribute as well. I am going to scan that pic of Grandma when I get home.Here is GrandMa Eaton. She passed in 1994 so this was some time before that. I still miss her!

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