Monday, March 03, 2008

The Days to Come

The Talking heads were all doing the math this weekend, and it would take a blow out in the two big states for Hillary to make any real dent in the Delegate numbers. The way the polls look, that could happen in Ohio, but is a long shot in Texas. Double digit leads have faded in both states as the Obama Juggernaut of hope and a prayer politics takes over a state by storm. In virtually every state, Clinton would have an insurmountable lead, and then here comes the troops and the lead evaporates, Sen Barack wins, and we move on. That just may very well happen tomorrow, and if it does the race will finally be over. Short of a New Hampshire style come back that may be for the better. The Right will get to take their first pot shots at the young presumptive and we will get to see what he has.

I am not worried about his experience level to be commander in chief, Barack will make an excellent President. I am worried about his lack of experience in the rough and tumble world of GOP slash and burn Rovian style smear. If he can survive that, than he will be just fine in the White House.


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