Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok, so a local 70's radical and admitted murderer was released on Monday after serving her time. We can all argue all day long whether or not it was just, but based on the system, and the computations, agreements made regarding her plea, and the evolution of the laws over time, she walked away from prison on Monday.

Sunday, she was on her way back to St. Paul prison. Whaaaat!, back to prison.
Sara Jane Olson and her husband, Dr. Gerald Peterson, were celebrating her release from prison over a plate of chicken wings Friday night at the Los Angeles International Airport when some state employees abruptly interrupted.

"They approached her and said, 'You need to come with us. This is not an arrest,'" Peterson said. "Sara very calmly understood that she needed to go with them."

Despite those assurances, Peterson said it was clear that Olson was being arrested. He decided to return to St. Paul while his wife's attorneys contest the issue.

"Our kids are mystified by this process of formal release and then rearrest," Peterson said.
Yeap, see, there was just enough of the right people who decided to take a fine tooth comb to her file and the myriad of gonkulations to discover that, some one forgot to carry a one or something. So they claim she has to do another year.

SJO plead guilty and needs to serve her time. If, through some miscalculation, they let her out a year early, then maybe she needs to go back.

My beef . . . I hope they are scouring every record ever touched by the person who miscalculated SJO's time served because if they made one mistake they probably made others. That means there may be people walking around out there who have not served their time yet, and maybe others who already have, still sitting in cells. But to pick on one single person because of some media hype isn't justice for all, it is justice not at all.

But that's just me!


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