Friday, March 28, 2008

BREAKING: Centrisity Forces MDE to Update Disclosure Page

Well, its a start. Mike Brodkorb of MDE has begun to finally make adjustments to his disclosure page. Since there is a vast amount of public information NOT disclosed I assume this is still a work in progress.

In fact, Mike thinks he shouldn't have to tell us where his bread is buttered:
I am under no legal obligation to disclose a professional relationship with a business, campaign or political party on my personal blog. But my ethics are not governed by legal interpretations. As I am a Republican operative who exposes Minnesota Democrats, I am continually aware of my responsibility to disclose any conflict that could tarnish the effectiveness of my blog. If I am hired by a campaign or political party, I will disclose it on Minnesota Democrats Exposed.
Yet there is no mention of his relationships with the Bachmann campaign, or the Kennedy Campaign. No mention of his time spent on the payroll of the MNGOP as an opposition researcher. Is there some type of statute of limitation here where he doesn't feel it necessary to disclose these past relationships. I challenge him to share with all of us what his day job is. Everyone else in blog land is pretty transparent, yet Mike continues to be evasive, why is that.

I've got Spring break next week. I may just have to do some digging. We'll be watching. And the counter, until Mike fully discloses and completes the update of his disclosure page, we'll have to leave it up there for awhile.

My Lunch is over, I don't have the luxury of putting up multiple posts throughout my work day. Maybe Mike can help me find a gig like his.


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