Thursday, November 29, 2007

One Word . . .

. . . to describe the GOP YouTube Debate:


I tuned into the second half of the debate last night. I really wanted to see the candidates in action, candid, and on their game. What I got was a bunch of hate. Hate towards gays and lesbians, hate towards minorities, just pure raw hate.

Now I see 'hate' from the candidates on the Left as well, but it is against each other. I don't even know if I would go as far as calling it hate as in their case it is probably to harsh a word. They at least seem to have a high level of respect for their constituency. That was not at all as evident with the GOP last night. They are clearly playing to their base and are willing to throw those that are not in sync with their ideology under the bus. This was so evident when the Brigadier General, who came out only after he retired from the service, asked about gays in the military.

Whomever is elected will be a partisan. But I would hope and expect them to be every one's President, and at least empathize with their opposition. Huckabee attempted to bring some civility back when asked about potential endorsement from the Log Cabin Republicans:
"I need all the support I can get - Americans are looking for someone who doesn't agree with them on everything but has convictions and can explain them."
My ideology is on a slow march to the Right, but the purist mentality of the GOP makes folks like myself feel unwelcome. Current extreme conservatives like Pawlenty and Sen. Coleman are being labeled RINOS and are not even conservative enough to be embraced by their own party.

What I have found with the Left, and the DFL specifically, is that I feel welcome, even though me ideology is much further to the Right than the average party goer. However, my views are respect, and there is a place for me within their big tent. That is not the case with the Right, and I hope someday they recognize that.


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