Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bipartisan Support

As is usually the case, the MN GOP is on an island, alone:
In June, Ritchie convened a meeting of all the state's parties to talk about precinct caucuses, recruiting election judges and encouraging robust elections.

"I found him to be very supportive of nonpartisan stuff. I just feel like he's done a very good job of reaching out to all the parties," said Craig Swaggert, head of the Independence Party of Minnesota.
As I've said before, this has nothing to do with Ritchie, or some list. It is about the November 2008 election, and the GOP posturing that goes with it:
the Republican attack has more to do with discrediting Ritchie as a way to take back the office than in anything Ritchie may have proposed or done wrong.

"You've heard the expression, it matters less who votes than who counts the votes? That seems to be the Bush/Cheney strategy in winning elections. It worked for them in Florida in 2000; it worked for them in Ohio in 2004, and they are trying to make it work in Minnesota," Melendez said.
We're on to ya this time.


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