Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving the State Forward

The Doctor has been getting worked up over nothing. As I previewed this Strib article this AM, there is no attempt by any major faction of State government to jack up taxes. There is a desire to tap into a Gas Tax increase to rebuild a neglected highway infrastructure, but that is unlikely to gain any traction. Most all agree something needs to be done sooner, rather then later, but increasing the gas tax will not be the revenue stream approved.

Other priorities seem to line up pretty well within the three branches:
All three players, for instance, list health care reform. All three cite education spending and reform. The Senate and Pawlenty include "energy independence" and greater use of renewable and alternative energy sources on their must-have lists.

Pawlenty and the House list fiscal restraint. The Senate does not. The House and the Senate list property tax relief. Pawlenty does not.
The House will outline their goals later today. But the growth in their rolls from moderate to right leaning suburban districts will be represented by their vision:
"We're a fiscally moderate caucus," Kelliher said of the sprawling 85-member majority that now includes significant numbers of moderates from the suburbs, exurbs and rural areas.
So relax, Doctor, there is nothing to worry about. Now that the adults are in charge of the house, something will actually get done. And if the Senate gets too carried away, they have a 'check' to pass through it he house, and the balance that is a GOP Governor and his veto pen.

I am looking forward to one of the most productive State Government sessions in a long time. It's about time we get things done for the people, and not politicians.


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