Friday, January 19, 2007

Foreshadowing Kerry

A shorter Jonah Goldberg - DON'T DO IT!! The Subhead tells it all:
When he asked his closest backers whether to try again for the White House, the silence was deafening.
The questions now is, if a dreamer asks his confidantes if he should run again, and they say no, will he listen. Something tells me, no.

As a Righty, Goldberg admits that he should love a Kerry Candidacy, stating:
As a conservative columnist, there is nothing I should want more than to see Kerry whack his forehead against the concrete wall of history one more time. Why? Because attacking Kerry is always good copy. And, if my North Star were the GOP's good fortune, I would light a candle every night at my Lee Atwater shrine in prayer that the Kerry baloney leap once more into the grinder.
But he also understands the bandwagon effect:
Disliking Kerry isn't just for right-wingers anymore. It's as American as apple pie. Despite enormous name recognition; despite the kind of sympathetic coverage that only alleged victims of the "Republican attack machine" get; despite constant efforts to stay in the news, wads of cash from his wife and last campaign, and despite enormously impressive hair, he's near the bottom in all important rankings of serious candidates.
I'd start an 'Anyone But Kerry' committee, but frankly, his support has dwindled to the point that that isn't even necessary. So when Kerry announces, I think the crickets will out number the supporters. Unless of course, he wises up and recognizes that he had his chance.


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