Monday, January 15, 2007

Anatomy of a Deception

Joe lays it out great, but here are the crib notes:

The Republicans scream foul on the Minimum wage bill:
a Republican Congressman reported "something fishy" in the bill: an exemption for American Samoa, where the Del Monte company, through its Starkist subsidiary, packs tuna for sale around the world.

What's the really fishy part? Supposedly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband owns a good deal of stock in Del Monte, which is also based in Pelosi's California Congressional District.
But wait, it's not true. Somebody tried to wish it true on the Wiki, but there are too many eyes to allow that to sit there. Besides, Joe states the Samoan exemption has been in the bill since 1999, Del Monte wasn't there till 2002.

But the point isn't what the Righties did, but what they are trying to do. Joe catches 'em on it:
This purported "story" isn't about spurring debate or getting real facts into the public domain, it's about establishing a media narrative that's favorable to leaders who want to keep the rich and the poor exactly where they are, who are pushing a war that has made us less, not more, secure, and who seem to care little for the common good to which they are committed by solemn oath.
Take a visit to MNCR and read it all in its full context. I'm just sharing!


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