Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Kerry Reaching for White Flag

Sources close to the 2004 nominee are saying he'll sit this one out. WHEW!!!!
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts , the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, won't make a second bid for the White House, sources familiar with Kerry's thinking told CNN Wednesday.

A source close to Kerry and a Democratic operative who worked for him in 2004 said the four-term senator from Massachusetts has decided to sit out the 2008 race, which has already drawn more than a dozen contenders from both parties.

Kerry made that decision within the past day and was expected to announce it later Wednesday, the source said.
Maybe he read my shorter Jonah Goldberg; "Don't Do It!". I stated in that post last Friday:
I'd start an 'Anyone But Kerry' committee, but frankly, his support has dwindled to the point that that isn't even necessary. So when Kerry announces, I think the crickets will out number the supporters. Unless of course, he wises up and recognizes that he had his chance.
Kerry is wiser than I gave him credit for.


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