Thursday, January 18, 2007

The 3 Rs

I don't know about most people, but when I heard about TPaw's 3 Rs program, I couldn't help but ask myself, Self!!! Why does the governor want to turn all high schools into remedial redirection programs for troubled students. Now after reading a bit more, I realized that HIS 3 R program stands for "rigor, relevance and results". What his advisors or handlers don't realize is that the 3R term is already in use academically. Thus my confusion.

Most all Middle Schools and I believe high schools have 3R programs. These 3 Rs stand for "Responsibility, Re-education and Reality." It is a support program for students with Behavioral or social issues that interfere with not only their success, but the success of others in regular education classroom.

I only bring this up to point out how completely out of touch this Governor must be as it relates to Education. He hijacks a term already used for remediation of troubled kids and is using it to tout some form of rigor. He is arguing for 70% funding in the classroom without telling anyone that the state average is already 69+%. He is calling Minnesota High Schools 'obsolete' without sharing that we rank TOPS in graduation rates of all 50 states:
The states with the highest high school graduation rates were New Hampshire, Minnesota and Wyoming, all around 92 percent.
I'm not sure who the governor is playing to, but I take offense, as an educator, the he is even implying that we are doing anything short of the very best with the limited tools being provided us by his administration. We will persevere, we will succeed, and it will be in spite of the continued bashing by GOP leaders and other out of touch politicos who are too busy trying to prevent the sterling results that those of us in the public school system continue to produce.


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