Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You Mean Him!

Good Ole Swiftee states in my comments yesterday:
BTW, the (No New Taxes) pledge is unreasonable only insofar as the Governor's ability to control the legislature's spending.

And by "legislature" I include some Republican's who need to be reminded why they were allowed to take a seat on our behalf.
Maybe he was talking about this guy:
Sen. Bill Belanger of Bloomington, lead Republican on the Senate Tax Committee, said he doesn't see a way to balance the budget without raising additional revenues.

"This governor has painted himself into a corner and I can't help him," Belanger said. "He never should have taken that [no-tax] pledge. I've always felt you have to keep all your options open. Yes, this is a high-tax state, but what the governor seems to have forgotten is Minnesotans expect a high level of services. I don't think there's any appetite for the kind of cuts he may have to make.
from the STRIB


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