Sunday, January 23, 2005

MOB MOB MOBing along

Great turnout for the Minnesota Organization of Blogs gathering. I was the only admitted Left leaner in the crowd, although Mitch mentioned that there may have been another.

Highlights for me:

**Running into my Cousin Kyle who happens to work across the street at West Photo. GREAT seeing him again.

**Seeing Cathy and Jo actually follow through on their pajama attire.

**Watching The Doctor, King Banaian, and Matt discussing the Public funding of education.

**Sharing with the King about our mutual acquaintance, the late Crumpton Farrell

**Engaging with The Doctor and Purplestater regarding the 5 Ws and the H in the Middle East

Best line of the Night:
I bet, with all the people in this room, we could take over a small country . . . . or France!
GREAT time!! You could tell we have done this a couple times before, as the shop talk was a little more prevalent then in the past. But that was just fine with me. I learned a lot. The next best thing to reading, is listening.

Oh . . and GiGi . . . Swiftie sends his love . . sincerely *smile*

I'll be updating this post as others share their insights. There were a few cameras out as well, so I suspect we will see those candid moments of embarrassment displayed soon enough!


UPDATE: A live blogging of the event.

The Bogus Gold report.

Cathy has posted her experience, complete with a picture of the pajama clad.

A view from Cake Eater Land.

and finally Mitch's version of the evening!

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