Friday, January 14, 2005

Powerline -vs- Coleman

. . . -vs- TCF -vs- New Patriot

My blogging limitations prevented me from touching on the latest chest thumping between the Left and Right sides of the blogosphere. Here is the short version.

Powerline 'n Co have been blasting Coleman, who in turn blasted back. TCF, whom a writer for Powerline is a VP decided to pull all their ads from the Strib because of Coleman's insinuation that his readers should consider pulling their accounts from TCF. The Left side of Blogistan is promoting an all out boycott of TCF, while the Right side is defending the actions of TCF as simply good business.

Where am I at on this. People can pick where they want to bank using whatever criteria they choose. And if TCF wants to pull their ads out of the primary print media of the Twin Cities, that's their call, and I respect it.

I pulled my money out of TCF Long Long ago. Their scrappy customer service and frustrating impersonal business practices got the better of me long before Powerline and Coleman had anything to say. The majority of my banking is done through the Teacher Federal Credit Union, with a couple accounts at Wells Fargo for bills and such.

Here is a more thorough Left (or here) side , Right side take.


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