Monday, January 24, 2005

Another hat to wear

Be careful what you wish for. For context, DCA (Drum Corps Associates) is the international all-age drum corps association:
Central Division Coordinator
January 24, 2005
Kurt Schiebel of St. Paul, MN and a long time member of the Minnesota Brass, Inc. and currently Business Manager of MBI has been appointed coordinator of the DCA Central Division by DCA President, Gil Silva. Kurt was a prime motivator in the creation of DCA Central and brings many years of DCA management experience to the position.
Drum corps is my other life. Some people golf, some fish, others bowl, everyone has their 'other life'. Mine is drum corps. This year, I will be marching with the Govenaires, to follow my father and grandfather who also marched with this fine organization. But now I also have a Region to run, in hopes of promoting the brand of DCA drum corps that those out East have become so accustomed to.

I think I'm up for the challenge.


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