Friday, January 07, 2005

Scandal Plagued

One of the local Talk Radio shows (I surf around the dial, either 'CCO, The Patriot, Straight Talk or KSTP) was pointing out last night the realities of what may be in store for our most recent Two Term office holder

Richard Nixon (1968, 1972) Watergate took hold soon after the inauguration and totally derailed the administration to the point of resignation.

Ronald Reagan (1980, 1984) Iran Contragate has continued to put a dent in Reagan's legacy, much to the chagrin of the Right who hold him up as the greatest gift to America

William Cinton (1992, 1996) There may have been some stumbles in his first term, but the whole Ken Starr Special Prosecution laid the stage for the Impeachment process.

Now we have Two Termer George, who brings in some baggage from his first presidential term into his second. The Gonzalez hearings may only be a taste of what is in store for the President as he attempts to establish Karl Rove's his own legacy, in hopes that he will not fall victim to the Two Term curse.


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