Monday, January 10, 2005

Queenies Won!

The Queens pulled off a surprising 'W' this weekend. I was walking around work on Friday saying Vikes by 13, but that was more to keep myself interested in the game. I honestly didn't think it was going to actually happen that way.

I am not the one to gloat, this team is not that good, but we live to play another day, and I'll leave the gloating to Jeff:

Holy cow, Green Bay, you didn't just get beat in the playoffs--you got beat by the Minnesota Vikings. An 8-8 team. A team that was 2-20 over their last 22 outdoor games. A team that was something like 0-939 in meaningful games in the Mike Tice era. A team that had Randy F--ing Moss on it, a player that continues to match his talent only with leaden stupidity.

It's like getting beat by a Pop Warner team that features Robert Downey, Jr. at quarterback.
The Eagles have been my 'other' team all year, but I'll be pulling for Purple at Noon on Sunday.



UPDATE: (via ProMN) Sisyphus has posted the Top 11 ways to console a despondent Packer fan!

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