Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Periodically, the local PiPress carrier drops off a freebie, to promote themselves and increase their subscription base. So today was one of those PiPress mornings, and a respite from the Star-N-Sickle.

I skimmed the headlines, as that is about all the time I have in the AM, but did take time to read two articles. First:

Wal-Mart debuts in city

I miss the K-Mart and competition in the Midway, so I have been looking forward to the opening of the latest Wal*Mart, but what caught my eye in the whole article was :
"From more than 5,000 job applicants, Wal*Mart has hired about 325 employees . . . "

State job numbers take off

But tech began showing signs of life in late 2003, and posted strong year-over-year employment gains in March and April of 2004.

That doesn't mean the tech boom is back. Vilsack's new job — at $42,000 a year — pays about $13,000 less than his old software position in Madison. But pay cuts are common in the tech industry these days, and Vilsack said he isn't bothered by it.

Now I am sure there are success stories. Both sides of the aisle can find testimonials to support their claims. However, some numbers are more brutally honest then others.

5,000 applying for 300 jobs. Jobs that are a few ticks above minimum wage. Are these kids, are they single mothers, are they under-employed computer geeks. I don't know. But it stuck out for me. It jumped right into my lap this morning.

My gut says the employment market simply can't be all that great, if 5000 people are applying for 325 jobs at minimum wage.


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