Thursday, May 13, 2004

Rhetoric Off

I am going to do something that is painfully missing from the Right side of the blogosphere, and turn off the rhetoric for this post.

I just got done watching the 'Town Meeting' held in Iraq during the surprise visit of Rumsfeld and Myers. I found myself smiling, and even laughing. The high degree of candor and sincere projection of support was quite evident. Of course, you would expect nothing less, but it was still refreshing. This trip was needed and I will not sign off on any attempt by the left to call this political grandstanding.

The Nick Berg video made it clear that our troops are in more danger now then they ever have been. This visit was necessary to restore faith and improve moral. We have a long way to go, before we finish this job.

Hugh Hewitt keeps reciting "Millions and Decades". His millions refers to how many enemies of the US there are and the decades refers to how long it will take for us to rid ourselves of them. Anyone with an objective mind, would have to agree.

As for the 'new' photos, enough already, I think we have seen more then is necessary. We've given these Islamofascists enough ammunion already, let's move on . . .


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