Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Cell Phone Sea

Our cell phone contract expired a few weeks ago. We did a two year stint to get maximum rebate potential. We are content staying with the same carrier, but want to take advantage of the best available deal, maybe even go with two phones, OOooooooooo!

So that is on my short list of To Dos, today. Then I read 'Lileks' Sunday morning and am wondering if I should even bother to leave the house. One of the parts that concerns me:
And so my troubles began.

First we had to add my wife, then join a family plan, then cancel me, then transfer the number, then add me, then smear chicken guts on the computer monitor and pray to Zeus, or something. It was quite complex. The fellow who set me up was an absolute whiz, though, typing the equivalent of a 60,000-word novel. After half an hour: Done! One problem: They were out of the phones.
Read the whole thing (you may have to register) it put me in an interesting state of mind going into this endeavor.


[UPDATE] Well, I completed the task. They don't make it as easy as it used to be, but I pretty much got what I wanted. Closed circuit to Lilek's; they let me assign seperate caller ID names to each phone!

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