Friday, May 07, 2004

Crummy Rummy

The week has been full of tumult regarding the prisoner abuse scandal. The ‘plausible deniability’, approach apparently governing the Administration is about to blow up in their face. As they say, "heads will roll". There is a growing partisan movement demanding for Rummy resignation, or for GW to can his ass! I am not so sure!

Having the Rummy punching bag to kick around during the election cycle could only benefit the ABB crowd, and spur voter turnout. The arrogance and ineptitude of the Rove machine and the rest of BushCo is too naive to recognize that.

Bush firmly stated that Rummy's job is safe, and we KNOW that he would never 'waffle' on an issue once he has made a decision. But there was something very telling in GW's remarks yesterday during the faux apology to the Jordanian King (faux only in the sense that Bush made it clear he was apologizing to the Jordanian King, not to the Arab world or the Iraqi people specifically. However, the Right Wing Media Machine had no problem putting words into GW's' mouth and the Arab World bought right into it).

When asked about Rumsfeld, Bush used the terms “a ‘really good’ Secretary of Defense”, and he has "served our nation well". Now, I am an educator, and I also went to conferences last night for my oldest son. The terms 'really good', and doing 'well' is C work, average, not applying themselves, expectations are higher, etc. When a student is doing 'A' work, you use words like exceptional, and outstanding, etc. Yes, for an administration on the campaign trail, the luke warm support given to the current Secretary of Defense was very telling, but once again, the RWMM gave him a complete pass on it, but I didn’t.

We'll see what 'explanation' Rumsfeld has today, but I am certain it will be more Spin Doctor surgery, then any sincere attempt to explain the actions!

More after the testimony . . . .


Here are some photos that will help explain some of Rummy's hand gestures during his testimony today. An important glossary; Rumsfeld in Pictures!

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