Monday, May 24, 2004

Playing Nice together

The wonders of our political landscape never cease to amaze me. The most unlikely pair of allies has emerged. Would you have ever believed that Hillary Clinton and Lindsey Graham would ever agree on anything, let alone work together to carry that message.

Well, hell has frozen over:
An unlikely pair of Senate allies called for a larger military Sunday and pledged a thorough investigation of abuse against Iraqi prisoners in Baghdad.
In times of war, regardless of how close it is to an election, partisan politics should take a back seat. We can still campaign for our beliefs and values without getting into fisticuffs with our opponents. "Divide and Conquer" is one of the oldest military strategies that exists.

What caught me:
Graham and Clinton both appealed for an end to partisan wrangling so that the problems that created the Abu Ghraib scandal -- too few troops, and those being poorly trained and unprepared, along with a breakdown of command -- can be fixed.

"We are the greatest nation in the history of the world," Clinton said. "We have rule of law. We have due process. We have ideals and values. And, frankly, that's what we think we're fighting for. It is imperative that we do this right and that we follow the investigations wherever they lead."

"I would ask both sides to kind of knock it down a notch, work together to find more troops. If we can work together," Graham said, referring to himself and Clinton, "that's a good sign."
The article concludes with what we all should repeat to ourselves before we even consider discussing the events overseas:
"The men and woman who serve us are not Republicans or Democrats," (Graham) said. "They're Americans."


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