Monday, May 10, 2004

Rummy Upgraded

The stubborn administration is rallying the troops behind Rummy. After staff members consulted a thesaurus, GW has upgraded his luke warm C- 'Very Good', to a solid B 'Superb'. Now that George has a handle on the proper verbage to use when trying to prop up a naughty subordinate, maybe he can get down to the bottom of this fiasco.

A leaked 'Red Cross' report points out:
"In certain cases, such as in Abu Ghraib military intelligence section, methods of physical and psychological coercion used by the interrogators appeared to be part of the standard operating procedures by military intelligence personnel to obtain confessions and extract information," the report said.
SOP, which can only mean, there are those higher up that will soon have to answer to the administration. But we know what that means, they will be touted as "superb"!


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