Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sen. Coleman Out for MN Gov!

Tom Hauser posts the Senator's statement:
"I love Minnesota and I love public service, but this is not the right time for me and my family to conduct a campaign for Governor.

Timing is everything. The timing on this race is both a bit too soon and a bit too late. It is too soon after my last race and too late to do a proper job of seeking the support of delegates who will decide in which direction our party should go. The commitments I have to my family and the work I am currently engaged in do not allow me to now go forward.
Like I said the other day:
Now, if Senator Coleman's internals show numbers even remotely close to this, he's out, right? I mean, would he want to risk another devastating political loss virtually ending his political career. Is that a risk he is willing to take?

I'd have to say no, I'd have to think that he is going to sit this one out and let those who have committed to this race long ago to have their shot. No sense in him being a sacrificial lamb.
I guess his other polling sources probably supported the numbers in the public domain.

It's a crap shoot now, hang on for the ride.


h/t to DJ's twitter feed

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