Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Special Election to fill retiring Sen Dick Day's Senate seat in District 26, today. I am sure the Right was giddy with glee as the weather moved in. Reality, is that that Scrub candidate has been fighting off his pile of baggage the whole campaign he never really got much traction. And with the support of Mikey/MDE/MNGOP (pardon the redundancy) that makes the chances for the far superior DFL candidate, Jason Engbrecht, to break through the smoke screen.

Bluestem Prairie
and MPP along with many other new media outlest have been working hard on the issues in this election. If you are from the area, those are you go to sites.

But it will be tough, in this Right leaning district, to pull off the win. So GOTV is key.

A win is within reach, and the involvement of the local Smear Boat brigade generally means an upset int he making. I mean, look at how well their hard work a diligence did for Kennedy and Coleman . . remember them LOL


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