Friday, January 22, 2010

Reality of MA-Sen

The Right claims it was national referendum, the Left is hunkering down like they believe it. However, if you talk to someone who was actually there, you get a different story. He is a MA resident who stopped by yesterday with a comment (emphasis mine):
As a voter in the election for MA this past week I wanted to comment on this thread.

Scott Brown won simply because Martha Coakely never showed up. It was not the national referendum they are playing it out to be. She didn't campaign until the poll came out that showed Scott Brown ahead just two weeks ago. Scott Brown won in part from running like a Kennedy. He showed up everywhere, talked to anyone, and partnered with the strong blue collar sports fans that once motivated are a true force. (Think Red Sox fans). Her lack of effort alienated the strongest of democratic supporters in a state that has more registered independents than either democrats or republicans. I am very upset at the prospect of not having health care reform because of this result, but, if Scott Brown doesn't show up in DC as an independent voice for MA he will not last more than this term. If he pushes the national republican agenda he will not be the senator from MA for very long.
That folks is reality, without a dose of spin!


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