Monday, January 04, 2010

The Field of 17

MinnPost does a great breakdown of the current list of 17 announced gubernatorial candidates:
Analysis by Doug Grow | Monday, Jan. 4, 2010

Running on the fumes of holiday optimism, the army of active gubernatorial candidates marches into this new year. The seven GOP candidates and 10 DFL candidates all seem to think they have the wherewithal to win party endorsement, a process that begins early with the Feb. 2 precinct caucuses.

That so many candidates remain is an indication that no one has been able to take command in either party. It’s also an indication that you can run for high state office on a small budget, at least in the early stages.

Where do things stand?
You'll have to read the rest over there.

I hope to, by tthe end of the week, not so much rank them, but group them into pods of predictability. The Maybes, the Possibles, and the "Are you Kidding me?!?" sections. I am still on the fence for a favorite, but I have some candidates I am watching, and some I don't even pay attention to anymore.


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