Friday, January 15, 2010

Coleman Shouldn't, But Probably Will

Buried in a story about polling done on the chances for a new Queenie stadium, are trial heats for Governor. Mark Dayton creams the Two GOP candidates, and so does MAK (Speaker Kelliher)
In a trial heat in the governor's race, former U.S. Sen. Dayton beat both former Republican U.S. Sen. Coleman and state Rep. Marty Seifert, the front runner for the GOP gubernatorial endorsement.

Dayton topped Coleman 41 percent to 31 percent, and he beat Seifert 41 percent to 25 percent. Coleman hasn't announced whether he will run for governor.

In another trial heat, the poll showed House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher, the leading contender for the DFL gubernatorial endorsement, would beat Coleman or former state Auditor Pat Anderson, who dropped out of the race Tuesday. Kelliher edged Coleman 33 percent to 31 percent, and she defeated Anderson, 33 percent to 23 percent.
Now, if Senator Coleman's internals show numbers even remotely close to this, he's out, right? I mean, would he want to risk another devastating political loss virtually ending his political career. Is that a risk he is willing to take?

I'd have to say no, I'd have to think that he is going to sit this one out and let those who have committed to this race long ago to have their shot. No sense in him being a sacrificial lamb.

But the consensus is he is all but in, and PiM shares that his running mate is already being groomed:
I figure the odds on Norm Coleman getting into the governor’s race now stand at 3-1 in favor. And for what it’s worth, the level of excitement around Coleman’s camp seems to be growing palpably.

But there’s an even better bet to be made if Coleman does get in the race: Rep. Laura Brod (R-New Prague) will be Coleman’s lieutenant governor running mate.
A Conservative's dream, sure, but virtually assures the DFL will take the State house for the first time in a very very long while.


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