Friday, January 08, 2010

da Ranger at DL

Gubernatorial Candidate, Representative Tom Rukavina, stopped by Drinking Liberally last evening. I made one of my rare visits just for this event. Rep. Tom is on my short list of candidates, not so much because he lines up with me ideologically as he is much to my Left, but more for him as a person.

What is refreshing about him, is his no hold barred attitude. He is certainly trying to win your votes . . .

"I don't have a million dollars, but if I have a million of you supporting me, that is all I need"

. . . but he is therarest of candidates who is a straight shooting tells it like it is kind of guy. Yes, he would probably raise taxes, but he would do it fairly and across the board. Yes, he seems to lean in favor of a Viking Stadium because he recognizes not only the economic impact of the build and/or loss of the team, along with the importance of having professional sports in our community. This from someone who admitted 'I don't even read the Sports page"

I am not committed, heck I am not even committed to voting for the Democratic Candidate (lthough none on the Right are coming across yet as fiscally responsible), but I am still keeping an open mind.

Give Tom a look, you might be surprised at what you see.


PS: *closed circuit to Buhl* I mentioned to Tom that I visit da Range every Summer and as soon as I mentioned your last name he went on about your dad as being the former mayor, and your brother Mark, etc. Such a personable fellow, and he clearly knew his constituents!

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