Monday, April 16, 2007

WaPo World

My Internet is down at home. The beginning of a transition to a new ISP. I still don't have the software, yet, so I am hoping it comes in todays mail or I will be dead in the water another day. We can't have that now, can we!

I am leaving the confines of my local ISP ( to sign on with the MSN/Qwest package. I'll jump from 256k DSL to 1.5 Mbp and it will be a dollar less than what the combination of Qwest/TCQ was. Seems like a no brainer, providing they can get me online with minimal down time.

So here are some WaPo link to bide your time and hopfully later today I'll have more time after getting my new connection up and running.

Poll shows Attorney firings were political:
Two thirds of Americans, including a narrow majority of Republicans, see political motivations behind last year's firings of eight chief federal prosecutors. But the nation is deeply divided along partisan lines about whether Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales should lose his job over the scandal.
Obama raised more, but Hillary has more:
Sen. Barack Obama raised more money than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton for their Democratic primary clash during the first three months of the year, but Clinton heads into spring with more in her campaign account than all Republican presidential candidates combined.
and finally, a lead in to Tax day. Unpaid taxes Tough to Recover:
Judging from his tax returns, Dinh Kim Huynh wasn't getting rich in the manicure business. In 2000, Huynh and his wife claimed taxable income of just $7,578 from their two nail salons in Southern Maryland -- so little that they qualified for a tax credit for the working poor. Their tax bill was $195.

But like millions of American business owners who trade primarily in cash, Huynh was not altogether honest with the Internal Revenue Service. When IRS agents poked around, they discovered four cars in Huynh's name, including a $77,000 Mercedes; receipts for diamonds and Rolexes in a closet at his Waldorf home; and a videotape of Huynh flashing a five-carat ring during the purchase of yet another vehicle at a local Honda dealership, court records show.
Hatch raised a similar issue with the loopholes in corporate taxes and off shore escapes. Before the state, or federal Government for that matter, roll the dice on a knee jerk tax increase, they should build legislation tightening the loopholes that allow for the Corporate escape and Huynh's of the world.

That should keep you busy for a while.


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